Thursday, September 18, 2008

CoSkiD Founder

Name: Chris Par
Role: IT Software Sernior Developer
Company: Dell Global Business Center Sdn Bhd

Mission: Help our industry to produce more Fresh Graduates with working experience in various technology and reduce graduate unemployment rate.


As a sponsor/partner you may contribute anything to give this program a success.

Person to Contact

Chris Par

CoSkiD President


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In CoSkiD Programs, members who are performing well will be encouraged to take industry Certifications. The selection of certifications are based on individual interest.

Ranks And Fields

In CoSkiD, members will be rewarded with rank/level in one or more fields to show contributions and experiences. All of the works that member contributes will be recorded in the profile.

CoSkiD has the following ranks to represent their contributions:-

  1. Freshie (Starter)
  2. Junior (equivalent to 1 year of active participation)
  3. Intermediate (equivalent to 2 years of active participation)
  4. Senior (equivalent to 3 years of active participation)

To achieve the ranks, they must achieve a certain points and ranks are awarded by the point system automatically.

As I have introduced early, we have a list of fields available:-

  1. Project Management & Coordination (Senior)
  2. Analysis & Design (Junior and above)
  3. Developing & Implementation (Freshie and above)
  4. Testing (Freshie and above)
  5. Research (Freshie and above)

Each of the fields requires certain level to participate in.

Task Based and Project Involvement

Do not mistaken me, CoSkiD is not a training centre which one institute provides a trainer to train in a specific location. CoSkiD does provide a training occasionally. Other than that, CoSkiD members will learn especially from tasks assigned to them or commercial project involvement.

If you are involved in a project, you will be assigned with a role for specified tasks based on your rank/level in CoSkiD. Members can gain ranks/levels when contributing in projects.

If you are involved in a task assigned (non commercial project), your work will be contributed into your rank/level too. Task may look like writing Research Paper, writing Technical Article, developing components, and etc.

After You Apply

You application will be processed in batch basis and it may vary depending on amount of applications that is in processing.

The Application Assessment Process

After you have submitted your application, our officer will verify that you have submitted all the required documents and we will notify you upon receiving all the documents. Please make sure you have attached with all the required document, or else the application will be automatically discarded.

Processing Time

Normally, the process will take up to 1 week for processing and checking. Please do not submit the application more than 1 time to avoid delay in the processing.

Program Fee

No Fee is required currently.


You will be called to attend an interview if needed. Here are some tips during your interview process:-

  1. We focuses more on your communication skills with ENGLISH language
  2. Candidates should proof to us that he is passionate and enthusiastic join as CoSkiD member
  3. Candidates should show interest in learning.

Confirmation of CoSkiD member

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email. Details of getting into the programs including date of joining, and etc will be included in the email as well.

How To Apply

To apply, the steps are as easy as 123. But before you apply, you may need to prepare some documents:-

  1. Resume/CV
  2. A summary why you want to participate in this program

Once you have done the prep above, you want send it via email to

howkuang_par[a] *subject to change

We will try to take as much as candidates possible if the resources allow.